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As you may have noticed updates have been slow here for a while. RL has taken over a bit and I am going on an oversea vacation on Friday for a weeks time. I have therefore decided that I will put Shay Mitchell Online on a small hiatus. I have not abandoned the site. I will be back in two weeks time or so. The site is of course still open for all of you to view and so is the gallery. I appreciate so much everyone who visits and likes this site and I hope you will check back in two weeks time for new things.

New YouTube Video: My 5 Drugstore Essentials

New Youtube Video: My 20 Favorite Canadian Foods!

The Final Send Off From Rosewood

Site Moved

As you may have noticed since yesterday, the most recent updates here are gone as well as the latest pictures that were uploaded to our gallery. Sadly they were lost due to a site move. I will try and have most of it re-added tomorrow again. I am not sure if anything else is lost/missing since the move? So if you notice anything or see any errors, let me know. And yeah check back tomorrow (June 30th).

New YouTube Video: Sending Sammy to get HUMAN HAIR!

Video: Interview from WE Day

Good Taste (Episode 1)

Shay posted this new video on her YouTube channel yesterday, April 27th. It’s titled Good Taste and this is episode 1. Check it out!

Rachael Ray Show & Vanity Fair: Videos

We’re back! New main theme!

As you may have noticed the past weeks time (I think?), Shay Mitchell Online have been offline but we’re back now with a main theme. I haven’t had the time to code the gallery one yet (offline life has been busy). This header is made by the amazingly talented Jay @ Edge Design and coded by me. I hope you all love it as much as me! Thanks for the visit and be sure to check back later for new updates on Shay.

P.S. If you see any errors please do let me know by using the contact form here.

Pretty Little Liars 7×12 Promo

Here’s the promo for next weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars.

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